Offering oversight to Local Homeschool Families

The First Baptist Church of La Plata Educational Ministry is pleased to provide oversight to homeschoolers in Southern, Maryland.

We are recognized by the Maryland State Department of Education as a bonafide church ministry for this purpose under COMAR 13A.10.01.05 (sometimes referred to as an umbrella group).

All of our advisers are current or former homeschooling parents, with a minimum of three years experience. Our advisers provide mentoring, as well as ensuring students receive regular and thorough instruction as outlined in Maryland law.

Enrollment for Oversight is now closed for 2020-2021. We have reached capacity.

FBCLPEM offers two levels of service to our oversight families. Please see the chart below for a comparison

Provided/Required Standard Oversight Record Keeping Oversight
Transcripts prepared No. Parents prepare transcripts Yes. Official transcript prepared by FBCLP Educational Ministry
How often will you meet with your adviser (required)? Three Times A Year, in:

  • September – turn in Objectives and Methods/meet adviser
  • December/January – check in via
    phone or email
  • June – Year end portfolio review
Four times a year, in:

  • September – turn in Objectives and Methods/meet adviser
  • December – 1st quarter (fall) portfolio review
  • March – 2nd quarter (winter) portfolio review
  • June – Year end (spring quarter) portfolio review
Will my child receive a diploma from FBCLP Educational Ministry? No. Parents must issue diploma Yes. Students will follow the diploma planning chart for their chosen diploma track, and document grades. A diploma, signed by our Transcript Coordinator, will be issued
What is the annual cost? $10 per family $50 per family
Can I join mid-year? Yes No. You must begin keeping records at the beginning of the year

Mixed Oversight Option: You may have some members of your family in Standard oversight, and some in Record keeping oversight. You would only pay one fee ($50) for this mixed level of oversight.

For additional information regarding this ministry, please email or call 301-934-9040.