God’s Grace with Gary 11/15/21

God’s Grace with Gary 11/15/21

November 15, 2021

Hello, this is pastor gary from first baptist church of laplata. What’s your favorite sports team name, or what was your alma mater’s team name? A list of the most popular team names was recently published with Eagles taking the top spot. Other popular names include various large felines, such as cougars, lions, and tigers; and soldiers, such as warriors, knights, spartans, and trojans; and even insects, the hornets. Some of the more unusual team names were the Chucks, Galloping Ghosts, Bubblers, Fighting Planets, Appleknockers, and Beetdiggers. The strangest name to me was the Yuma Arizona “Criminals.” Most parents would be proud that their child played on the local team telling their friends, “Yes, my son is a Cougar, or my daughter is a Knight; but what parent will proudly declare that their child is a “Criminal?” As believers we serve on a team known as Christians. The first six letters of “Christian” is the title of our leader, Jesus. Jesus is the Christ, which is the Greek form of the Hebrew word, “Messiah,” which means, “anointed one.” The “i-a-n” of Christian means “belonging to” or “follower of”; therefore we follow Christ because we belong to Him. We belong to Him because He created us, He chose us, He saved us, and He will keep us…forever!

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