God’s Grace with Gary 11/16/21

God’s Grace with Gary 11/16/21

November 16, 2021

Hello, this is pastor gary from first baptist church of laplata. And now a story from Washington, PA, near where I used to live. On October 28, two men robbed a convenience store at 4:00am using an Airsoft gun making off with about $150.00. The cashier got their license plate number and called the police. Upon tracing the plate, the police went to the driver’s address and found both of the thieves at home. When asked why they committed the robbery, one of them replied that he had no idea they were going to do it; the other said they did it to get money to pay for a lawyer. Now is that a lawyer for the crime they had just committed or for a previous crime? I’m no a criminal, but I do have some sage advice for these two: number one, get your story straight. Number two, find a better hideout than your house. Number three, carry a real gun. Number four, use a getaway car that is not registered to your home address. And number five, find a lawyer that costs more than $150.00. You and I may not need a lawyer for our sins like these two robbers do, but we do need an advocate. I John 2:1 states, โ€œ…if any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ, the righteous.โ€

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