God’s Grace with Gary 11/23/21

God’s Grace with Gary 11/23/21

November 23, 2021

Hello, this is pastor gary from first baptist church of laplata. Did you hear about the Brazilian model who gave up on men last September and decided to marry herself? She did the whole wedding gown, formal ceremony, photographs thing, but just three months into her new marriage, she now wants a divorce. Why does she want a divorce? She wants a divorce from herself because she has met someone else whom she would like to marry instead. I applaud her for choosing the biblical, historical, and traditional marriage way; however, she previously made a mockery of the institution of marriage as do all those who attempt to redefine marriage as anything other than between one man and one woman. God ordained marriage in the very beginning with Adam and Eve being the first two people to ever get married. The two lovers honeymooned in the paradisaical Garden of Eden. All went well until Eve ate them out of house and home. Marriage is actually a picture of the church’s relationship with Christ: we are the bride, and He is the groom. Our Groom will return to earth one day to collect His bride to join Him at His Father’s house in heaven for the reception, known in Revelation 19:9 as the “marriage supper of the Lamb.” I have been invited, I have RSVP’d, and I will be there. How about you?

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