God’s Grace with Gary 11/4/21

God’s Grace with Gary 11/4/21

November 4, 2021

    Hello, this is pastor gary from first baptist church of laplata. Today’s “Throwback Thursday” is from Friday, September 4, 2020. Mississippi, The Magnolia State, may have a new woke flag if voters approve the design this coming November 3rd. The current flag which bears the confederate battle flag, may be replaced by a flag with a big white magnolia flower in the middle surrounded by the colors: red, white, and yellow? The flower is encircled by 20 white stars representing Mississippi’s entry into the union as the 20th state. One gold star just above the flower represents the Indians who lived in Mississippi prior to its statehood. Across the bottom of the flag in large letters is the phrase, “In God We Trust.” Mississippians can do what they want, but the spokesman for the flag design group said that Mississippi is always last in every state metric, but that will change if voters approve the new flag design. I really don’t think Mississippi’s educational and economic status is adversely affected by what flag flies over their capitol. The very idea that mostly ignored symbols, such as flags and statues, help or hurt others is ridiculous to me; having said that, I feel confident that some atheist group somewhere is going to have a real problem with, “In God We Trust” emblazoned on the new state flag. How does that phrase hurt atheists? I suppose the same way that an historical confederate flag has hurt Mississippi residents for the past 126 years keeping them from reaching their full potential.

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