God’s Grace with Gary 4/22/22

God’s Grace with Gary 4/22/22

April 22, 2022

Hello, this is pastor gary from first baptist church of laplata. Have you heard of TobyKeith? No, not the country singer, but the dog. TobyKeith, whose name was Peanut Butter before he was adopted, is a Chihuahua and is the oldest living dog in the world. TobyKeith turned 21 in January. According to his owner, good genetics, a healthy diet, and a loving home are the secrets to his longevity. Other dogs have lived longer but are no longer alive; the oldest dog ever recorded was an Australian Shepherd who lived to be 29. When you adjust for canine years, TobyKeith is 147 and that Australian Shepherd was 203 years old. That reminds me of the long lives recorded in the Book of Genesis: Adam lived to be 930 and Methuselah lived to be 969; in fact, my dad used to pass slow moving vehicles driven by elderly men and say, “No wonder, he’s as old as Methuselah.” Funny thing, Dad is now one of those Methuselahs he used to criticize! Are we expected to believe that the long lives recorded in Genesis are actual, or is there some other explanation? People lived much longer in Genesis due to multiple factors which included sin, genetics, diet, and climate. Interestingly, only twenty generations from Adam, Abraham lived to be 175; shortly thereafter, people began living life spans comparable to ours today. God in His providence has determined how long each of us will live in this life; however, He has also determined that through Christ, we will live forever in the life to come.

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