God’s Grace with Gary 5/13/22

God’s Grace with Gary 5/13/22

May 13, 2022

Hello, this is pastor gary from first baptist church of laplata. I lived in Silver Spring, MD, when I was in junior high school. Silver Spring is located at the northern tip of Washington, DC, about 45 miles from La Plata. Why is Silver Spring called Silver Spring? Because there is a silver spring there, of course. The spring, discovered in 1840, did not disperse actual silver but mica flecks giving a shimmering appearance to the water. In other words, the silver spring was nice to see but fake. The Bible tells of Heaven where many precious elements are mentioned—but not silver. Of course, gold is the prominent precious metal in heaven where the streets and buildings are made of it. The gold of heaven is pure—not like gold on earth; in heaven the gold is so pure, it is translucent, or see through. Revelation 21:18 states, “…and the city was pure gold like unto clear glass.” Why is silver not mentioned in heaven? Because silver is not that valuable. Even today, silver is trading at $21.00/oz. and gold at $1825.00/oz. That’s a huge difference in value! God spared no expense in creating Heaven for us; He also spared no expense in paying the price for us to get there: the blood and life of His own Son.

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