God’s Grace with Gary 6/13/22

God’s Grace with Gary 6/13/22

June 13, 2022

Hello, this is pastor gary from first baptist church of laplata. Did you hear about the very crowded congressional race in Alaska? There are 48 different people running for one seat. The two most notable contestants are Sarah Palin and Santa Claus. That’s right, the current mayor of North Pole, Alaska, is a man who not only looks like Santa Claus, that is his legal name. An important part of winning elections is name recognition, so I don’t think Mr. Claus will have any problem there. Though Santa Claus is known and loved worldwide, his most avid supporters are not eligible to vote because of their age. I hope Alaska’s Santa Claus loses the race: not only does he have huge responsibilities at his castle and workshop, but he is a liberal. The Claus candidate is a pro-abortion, democratic socialist. I can see how Santa Claus would have socialist tendencies giving out free stuff to people whose social credit scores are in positive territory, but I really don’t understand Santa Claus’ pro-abortion view unless he has decided to give up on his annual Christmas Eve job and is looking for the eventual exit ramp. Santa Claus is well-educated having earned Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate degrees; additionally, Mr. Claus graduated from two different seminaries. Like President Reagan famously said, “It’s not that liberals don’t know anything, it’s just that so much of what they know is wrong.” No matter party affiliation or name recognition, people are made in God’s image, so our lives must be protected at all stages and at all costs.

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