God’s Grace with Gary 6/15/22

God’s Grace with Gary 6/15/22

June 15, 2022

Hello, this is pastor gary from first baptist church of laplata. Happy the elephant has lived in the Bronx Zoo for over 40 years. Happy’s lawyer determined that Happy should be released from her prison zoo because she is a person with the right to liberty. Happy’s personhood is based on the fact that she is highly intelligent and is able to recognize herself in a mirror. Correctly, the New York Supreme Court has ruled against Happy’s personhood, and Happy will stay at the zoo where she has fellow elephant companions and receives excellent care; however, the court voted 5-2 which means there are two judges who think that an elephant is a person! How did this case make it to New York’s highest court anyway? Why was it not dismissed when it was first filed? Because evolution has permeated our entire society—including our court system. When you teach people that we are just highly evolved animals, then it follows that our rights should be applied to all other animals. People are not to abuse animals, but affording animals our rights is fallacious. The US Constitution was written by people for people the preamble of which states, “We the people of the United States of America…” People are people and animals are animals. What separates people from animals? The fact that people are made in God’s image, and animals are not. God’s image is most notably manifested in human rationality, emotionality, spirituality, and eternality.

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