God’s Grace with Gary 6/22/22

God’s Grace with Gary 6/22/22

June 22, 2022

Hello, this is pastor gary from first baptist church of laplata. We all mourn the loss of life in the daily shootings in America; we are especially grieved when school children are murdered. Gun control advocates are always quick to limit or revoke gun ownership, and gun rights advocates are always quick to recommend arming more citizens—including school teachers. No one wants to ask why is all of this shooting happening in the first place? There are two related answers. Answer number one is that our children have been taught for generations that they are the product of evolution; they may be the most highly evolved animals on earth, but they are still animals. What do animals do? They kill each other. Answer number two is that our children have had God removed from their daily lives. Public schools in America used to honor God with daily Scripture reading and prayer. God has been removed from school along with His commandment against murder, so some animal students ignorantly choose to kill their fellow animal students. A Gallup poll published last week shows that belief in God in America has dropped to 81% which is a record low. Atheists are still well in the minority, but they are gaining ground. May America never become the godless nation that so many desire her to be; not only will Americans suffer, so will the rest of the world!

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