God’s Grace with Gary 6/3/22

God’s Grace with Gary 6/3/22

June 3, 2022

You may not know who William Thomas is, but he used to be ranked around
500th among collegiate swimmers; however, in just the last year, Mr.
Thomas rose to become a champion collegiate swimmer. How did he do this
so quickly? Was it hard work, exercise, practice, determination? No,
William Thomas began taking testosterone blockers and renamed himself
Lia Thomas. He now completes against ladies and is cleaning their
clocks in the pool. When asked why he is now winning, he said it is
because he is happy; after all, he thinks he is a woman trapped in a
man’s body. Now that he can swim as a woman against women, he is happy.
Regardless of his name change and medications, William will always be a
male. Society and doctors did not assign his gender—God did. Our
deranged culture that not only allows this behavior but promotes it will
see to the destruction of women’s sports. This is not fair. William
Thomas was born a man, is still a man, will always be a man, and should
swim as a man against other men. O, that’s right, but then he wouldn’t
be happy. Not because he is a woman, but because as a mediocre male swimmer
he would return to being the non-champion he was before changing his

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