God’s Grace with Gary 6/7/22

God’s Grace with Gary 6/7/22

June 7, 2022

Hello, this is pastor gary from first baptist church of laplata. Did you hear that Penn State got a new president? Neither did I. Unless you closely follow the happenings of Happy Valley, you probably didn’t know, either. University presidents come and go, but Penn State’s new president is getting credit for something he did not do: according to the most recent Penn State diplomas, he conferred degrees on the Spring 2022 class by affixing his signature on all of their diplomas. The problem is, he was not president when they graduated—his predecessor was. What that means is that all of the diplomas that were given out are invalid. To remedy the error, Penn State will reprint all 13,167 of the diplomas to show the correct president at the time of graduation. The registrar’s office announced the error and the remedy but also reminded everyone that the individuals did graduate even though their diplomas are wrong. Technically speaking, these students invested their time, energy, and money for years but did not receive what they sought: a valid diploma proving their academic achievement. Sadly, many people have worked very hard hoping to make it to heaven: they gave their time, energy, and money but never received Jesus as personal Savior. These Penn State students did well but missed out because they didn’t have the right person on their diplomas; good people will miss out on heaven because they didn’t have the right Person in their hearts.

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