God’s Grace with Gary 7/14/22

God’s Grace with Gary 7/14/22

July 14, 2022

Hello, this is pastor gary from first baptist church of laplata. Today’s “Throwback Thursday” is from Friday, January 8, 2021. Uzziah had been king of Judah for 52 years; when he died, the nation was distraught. Who could replace this great, good king? What would become of the nation? Isaiah was caught up with the same concerns as his fellow countrymen, but God gave him a vision in Isaiah 6 that begins, “In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw also the Lord sitting upon a throne high and lifted up and his train filled the temple.” A king was gone, but The King was still on the throne. The King had never left, and He never will. God is sovereign over the entire Universe and that includes the fleeting politics and shameful protests of the United States. We have survived not only terrible wars on the outside but also some terrible politicians on the inside. Our Founding Fathers gave us an inspired Constitution that takes into account bad people, bad legislation, and bad events. I trust our founding fathers, I trust our Constitution, and, above all, I trust Almighty God, The King of the Universe. We will continue to be obedient to the Scriptures in praying for those who are in authority over us regardless of who they are, how they got there, and whether we agree with them or not. Remember Proverbs 21:1, “The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, as the rivers of water, He turneth it withersoever He will.” Democrats are not in control; Republicans are not in control; the president is not in control; God is in control, He always has been, and He always will be.

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