God’s Grace with Gary 9/16/22

God’s Grace with Gary 9/16/22

September 16, 2022

Hello, this is pastor gary from first baptist church of laplata. On this date in history, in 1620, the Mayflower set sail for the New World from Plymouth, England, carrying the 102 Pilgrims who would become the first American heroes. The Pilgrims were British subjects who intended to remain subjects of the Crown as stated in their own Mayflower Compact, but their settlement unwittingly provided the cornerstone of the American experiment. The Pilgrims learned a valuable lesson that America needs to re-learn. The Pilgrims initially tried Socialism which resulted in poverty and want; the Pilgrims then instituted Capitalism which resulted in a bountiful harvest and the 1st Thanksgiving! Did you know that the flower known as the mayflower in the 1600’s is now called the lily of the valley? As far as pilgrims go, believers are referred to as “strangers and pilgrims” in both Hebrews 11:13 and I Peter 2:11. We are not traveling to a New World on earth but to a new life in heaven where we will spend eternity with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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