God’s Grace with Gary 9/6/22

God’s Grace with Gary 9/6/22

September 6, 2022

Hello, this is pastor gary from first baptist church of laplata. How would you like to live in a freezer, that started to leak, on the ocean, surrounded by sharks, with no food or water, for 11 days? That’s what Romualdo Rodrigues did last month. His planned three day fishing trip turned into a eleven day nightmare when his boat sank off the coast of Brazil. Rodrigues does not know how to swim, but even if he did, the sharks would have made that survival skill useless. Here’s his testimony, “I didn’t sleep. I saw the dawn, the dusk, asking God to send someone to rescue me.” Once the freezer began to leak, he scooped out the water with his hand. Another fishing boat eventually rescued Rodrigues from his makeshift yacht. His testimony concludes, “That freezer was God in my life. The only thing I had was the freezer. It was a miracle.” Mr. Rodrigues’ story is amazing, but he started out praying to God and ended up claiming the freezer was his god. I’m not sure what he meant, but I do believe that God provided the freezer, calm weather, and the rescue boat. God has provided each of us a much more important rescue, and that is from our sin. Sin doesn’t just kill, it separates eternally. Jesus comes to us in our helpless estate, pulls us out of danger, and gives us new life in Him.

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